DN1CZExtended Range Round


The extended range round DN1CZ is primarily intended for weapon systems 152 mm SPGH DANA model 77 and DANA-M1 CZ without the modification necessity of the system of automatic loading. It is a separate loading munition, consisting of the 152 mm OFdDV (HE ER BB) projectile and the propelling charge P740. This ER round is intended for the destruction of the enemy personnel, firepower, light combat vehicles, buildings, observation points, trenches, obstacles etc. up to the range of 25,500 m.

Technical–tactical data:

Shell DN1CZ weight 58.9 kg
Complete shell with firing device weight
weight of explosive filling
43.5 kg
838 mm
8.0 kg T/H
Bag cartridge in steel shell weight
weight of powder charge
15.4 kg
548 mm
9.3 kg
Projectile muzzle velocity min. 755 m.s-1
Maximum pressure max. 280 MPa
Maximum effective range 25,500 m

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