Maintenance, repairs, logistics

Maintenance, Repairs, LogisticsThe Excalibur Army Ltd. is a proud follower of an old tradition of military vehicle repairs and spare parts production in Sternberk. In the Sternberk facility, the key activities are repairs of military vehicles, units, subunits and spare parts including production and modernization of military and special vehicles. In the field of engineering, a production and treatment of weldments including construction of and final products are carried out.

Military Vehicle Upgrades

Military Vehicle UpgradesExpert personnel including specialists with years of experience in the field provide maintenance and upgrades of military and special vehicles both in Czech Republic and abroad.

Unique technology and test devices enable complete maintenance, modernizations and testing of special vehicles.

Military Vehicle Maintenance and Production

Military Vehicle Maintenance and ProductionThe main production program is a support of an entire lifespan of military and special vehicles - production, upgrades and reconstruction, complete maintenance and ecologic disposal of retired vehicles. Included are also defectation, warranty and post-warranty service, conservation and storage of vehicles. On customer’s request, training of the crews may also be conducted.

Above mentioned services are offered especially for these types of vehicles:

  • BMP and all its derivatives - BMP-1, BMP-2, VPV, BPzV, AMB-S, OT-90 (M1, M2), DP-90, DTP-90 (M) etc. In cooperation with other entities, service of upgraded or newly produced vehicles based on the BMP hull: LOS, PzPK Sněžka, VOV-1p, VOV-2p, BVP-2V, OT-R5 (M, M1), MPP-40p, PRAM etc.
  • Wheeled APCs: OT-64 (including modifications), BRDM-2, OKV police armored wheeled vehicle
  • Combat engineering vehicles: T-815, T-813, T-148, AM-50 bridge-building vehicle, PM-55 bridge transporter, PMS pontoon bridge set, D-686 bulldozer, DZ-110, KN-251 wheeled carrier, UN-053 universal feeder, UDS-110a, UDS-114a, UDS-214a universal finalization machines, PTS-10 amphibious tracked vehicle, electricity generators 4kW up to 60 kW, UV-2000 water treatment device, Bozena demining system etc.
  • Land Rovers: Defender 90, 110, 130 (TDI SW off-road, TDI ST off-road, TD5 SW off-road, ST TD5 off-road, TDI SW HT Military, TDI Military A2, TDI Medical, TD5 Medical etc.)
  • Trailers: PV 06-04, PV 16-12, PAJ1, P50N, P50 etc.
  • GRAD systems: Radar 1S91 (M1, M2) on the hull GM-568, launcher 2P25 (M1, M2) on the hull GM-578, loader/transporter 2T7 on the hull ZIL 131, combat vehicle 9A  34 (M), 9A 35 (M) on the hull MTLB, combat vehicle 9A 33 BM2 on the hull BAZ 5937, loader/transporter 9T 217 BM2 on the hull BAZ 5939 etc.
  • Other: RM-70 rocket launcher, Shk 152, T-55, VT-55, T-72, M84, D30, ballistic protected container for mobile IEDD/EOD station

Examples of key subunits and spare parts repairs:

  • Engines including injection pumps: UTD-20, 5D20B-300, V-54, V-55, D-6, V6M, V-46.6, JAMZ-236, JAMZ-  238V, JAMZ-238N, řada T-928, řada T-930, GAZ-41, GAZ-49, LIAZ M634, M 637, ZETOR etc.
  • Gearboxes: BVP, MTLB, T-55, OT-64, KN-251 ...
  • Final transfers: BVP a MTLB ...
  • Shock absorbers: BVP, BRDM, MTLB a T-55 atd.
    Air components and valves, hydraulic components, electric components including wire groups, optical systems, internal and external communication systems, hulls and mechanical parts
  • Weapons: 2A28 (73 mm), 2A42 (30 mm), CZ30 (30 mm), KPVT (14,5 mm), NSVT a DŠKM (12,7 mm), PKT (7,62 mm), turret systems, BVP-1, BVP-2, BTR-60, T-72 and M84....



We use a state-of-the-art storage system for the heavy combat vehicle spare parts, which enables us to fulfil even the most demanding wishes of our clients. Instead of operating separate administrative and realization departments, we run only one which processes the demands and prepares the goods for shipping. Thanks to this, we can deliver even the most complex orders in a very short time. In the area of transportation, we cooperate with our subsidiary NIKA Logistics Ltd with a fleet of more than 200 cargo vehicles, including some of them operated in the ADR mode for bulky cargo transport. Our facility in Přelouč has its own railway connection which enables us to deliver our goods via the railway as well.














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