Military vehicles

Military vehicles

Military vehicles sales

We supply high-quality military vehicles, including wheeled and tracked vehicles of various types and purposes.

We offer T-55, T-72 and M84 tanks, BMP-1 IFV and its derivatives, OT-64 SKOT, BRDM-2 and Alvis Saracen Mk.1 APCs, RM-70 mobile rocket launchers, historic Ferret Scout Car and many others.

We keep expanding our portfolio and in connection with other activities we do (modernizations, spare parts sales), we can offer the most complex solution on the Czech market with military vehicles.
For specific types of vehicles, please contact our sales department via e-mail or telephone.

Military vehicles production

Except military vehicle sales, our company also carries out our own development and production programs. Well known is a project of modernized self-propelled howitzer system DANA M1 CZ or new-generation infantry fighting vehicle BVP-M2 SKCZ.

DANA M1 CZ is a thoroughly modernized vehicle, compared to its predecessor, ShKH-77 DANA. Chassis was modified, the original gearbox was replaced by a new shift-by-wire system, the crew compartments were modernized. The operational value of the vehicle was increased with modern fire control system, including a new ballistic computer for the vehicle commander and a smart terminal for the gunner. The howitzer can use multiple types of ammunition, including modern DN-1 CZ rounds with range up to 25 500 m.

Upgraded infantry fighting vehicle BVP-M2 SKCZ was developer in cooperation with numerous partner companies from Czech and Slovak Republic. Key improvements of the new vehicle include the new Caterpillar C9.3 engine with 300 kW output, new Slovak-built TURRA-30 turret with a 30 mm automatic cannon CZ30, 12,7 or 7,62 mm machine gun and anti-tank guided rockets launching rails, or a new hyraulic-operated ramp in the rear part of the vehicle.

We are able to provide batch production of new vehicles or modernizations of older hardware in accordance with customer’s needs. Our Sternberk facility’s expert team is ready to face any challenge.

Related services

As a supplementary service, we provide periodic maintenance checks of your vehicles. When there is a need for extensive modifications or lifespan prolongation, we are able to design a complex modernization program, which we carry out in our Sternberk facility. We also provide long-term storage of your vehicles and last but not least, we possess technology for environment-friendly disposal of old, retired vehicles.

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